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Success is earned. Franny’s story throughout his career is predicated off of hard work.


Lead by example. One of Franny’s core skills has been in leadership and he shares his stories well.


Booking Francis Benali brings a high calibre of professional into your arena.


Keynote or after dinner speaches that grip people. Questions are always on the table. 

Get an insight into one of the hardest professions to succeed in

Whether it’s discussing his path from local youth football to the English top flight, the banter found within a Premier League dressing room, or the torturous pain of running 35 marathons in 3 weeks, Franny’s stories will captivate, amuse and inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 


Just some of the events that Franny has attended, presented and entertained. 


On this day, Franny finally got to celebrate the Big Ball III that was on hold for two years.

IOW June

Watch in full Franny’s Q&A with daughter Kenzie on the IOW. “An Evening with…” 


A keynote talking to small businesses in Whiteley, Franny spoke of his hard work and mindset during Iron Fran. 

The Man Who Lit A Fire

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Franny can cater his talk to your experience

Keynotes can cover these subjects:

Leadership and Teamwork

Success is developed through a team of people working towards the same goal. How to drive and manage a team in high pressure situations whilst keeping your own mind strong.

Performing at Your Peak

Performing as a top tier footballer Franny has a unique view and insight into how you perform at the highest level. Sometimes it’s not about raw talent, but how hard you’re willing to push. 

Drive and Determination

When the bar gets set and you hit it, do you stop? Or do you push forward to create your own legacy? Franny talks through the mindset in order to push your body further than physically possible, or so we thought. 

Motivation and Inspiration

Maintaining consistency on days you don’t want to.

Overcoming Adversity

How to work your mind to get the most efficient results.

Perseverance and Resilience

Balance and grit at times when you can’t see a way through.

High Pressure Situations

Talking from pure experience performing at the highest levels.

Setting and Achieving Goals

How to beat your competition by organisation. 

Leading by Example

Do as I say and as I do. Lead through accountability. 

“An insight into a different world”

“You watch Franny and instantly want to work harder, he really puts perspective, gratitude and hard work at the forefront of what you do, it’s incredible to hear, creates an insight into a different world”

Client Testimonials

There are many impassioned speakers, but to genuinely inspire 16 and 17 year olds you need a touch of magic. As soon as he stood in front of 400 former students and their parents, Franny began to weave his spell. Everybody, in a matter of 20 or so minutes, experienced the highs and lows of Franny’s endurance tests, laughing and crying in equal measure. You could have heard a pin drop as images of a near-broken Franny flashed up on the screen, whilst silently and palpably the audience willed him on, eventually sharing in his tears of relief and joy as he’s seen crossing the finish line at the end of his 2 weeks feat of running and cycling 1400 miles.

A great story of the human spirit tested to breaking point. Inspiring, moving, funny – told with humility and impossible modesty.

Heather Mcllroy – Executive Headteacher, The Mountbatten School

For someone with such an accomplished career on the pitch, with a inherent connection to the City of Southampton, it is Francis’ extra-curricular work with charities that sets him apart from any of his peers. While his football career presentations are enthralling, his post-football career is inspiring down to the core. The lives he has touched, and helped is unsurmountable, and you can only be inspired to better yourself to benefit others, after hearing his motivating, dynamic talks. So much depth to his character, has led me to write this with hand-on-heart feelings, knowing any audience exposed to Francis will be engaged, energised and immersed, in his well executed, professional, presentation with perfect pitch. Thoroughly recommended, and a great example of a motivational speaker of today, next year, the year after and beyond!

Luke Arrowsmith – Operations Director Entertainment, P&O Cruises

We were lucky enough to have Franny present at our annual Speaker’s Dinner, and what a pleasure it was. Leading up to the event, Franny was very easy to speak to and happily gathered our ideas to allow him to tailor his presentation to our audience. On the night, he not only amused us with exciting stories from his football career, but also gave a very passionate, honest account of his life since retiring, and the highs and lows of life after football. Delivered naturally and professionally, Franny’s presentation and video left everyone feeling inspired. We would like to thank Franny for an extremely engaging evening and would thoroughly recommend him.

Paul Anthony – RSM UK

We had the pleasure in having Franny address our Leadership team, at an informal dinner setting. It is important to give context, that the team were made up of Pan European colleagues, I say this as everyone spoke to me of their fascination and admiration with Franny’s story post the event, with not everyone recognising Franny for his footballing career. 

It has been said before that Franny is one of the nicest guys you could meet, but his ability to inspire an audience is second to none. We all came away motivated and realising that anything and everything is possible with the right planned focus and determination. I would recommend a gathering with Franny and hear it for yourself.

Simon Osgood – Senior Vice President, Incomm

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